Why PickingCherry.com

When someone wants to start with a new project, the typical question is why?

The right question is: which is the common problem of many companies?

PickingCherry.com arrives after more than 20 years of experience in Sales and Marketing, with a direct connection with many companies and markets. There is one point for each side of the market, common at everyone:

  • from the side of producers there is the problem of export and expand the market;
  • from the side of buyers there is the necessity to find the right product, to satisfy the customers and offer something different (possible better) from the competitors.

We want to pass over the problem and offer the opportunity at everyone in UK to buy directly from the best producers, discover new and local productions, enjoy and offer new flavours.

The request of special and unique products from customers is growing and with this also the benchmark of quality.

The knowledge of processes is improving and the customers want to know how the product is done, where, who…this is the famous “story telling” everyone hears everywhere. It’s not only a philosophical idea of marketing but it is a necessity of customers.

We want also to offer the knowledge with the products, the business here can find specialties but also a know-how. We don’t want to be only another classical Italian supplier, we know to become a support for the businesses. We are here also to give information, curiosities and tips to understand and sell more and better. We are open at new suggestion but also to answer at every question. Contact us also to ask about the exposition, recipes or pairings, ask if you need more information about our food and wine.         

We collaborate with other pages to give more information possible; we invite to visit The Passionalist and Business Improver.

We can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Pinterest, feel free to comment and contact us in every moment.

Remember that you are the first customer of your business, be happy of your offer! Share with us your success.

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